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13. Our services are paid per hour or per day and are socially secured by the Greek Institute of Social Security. Our fees are proportional to the Professional Collective Agreements, which are signed annually between Associations of Tourist Guides’ and Associations of Travel Agencies, depending on the place of visit/excursion, number of sites and duration of the occupation.
14. Our fees are also legally formed and therefore comply fully to the Greek legislation of employees and to the Collective Agreements signed by Tourist Guides’ Associations and the Panhellenic Tourist Guides’ Federation
15. Entrance fees of Archaeological Sites/Museums are not included in the offered prices.
16. The offered price of the service does not include lunch, gratuities, or other client personal expenses except otherwise stated.
17. The sequence of the Sites mentioned in the itinerary of the pre booked service may be subject to change, due to reasons beyond our control.
18. All our tours follow an especially designed route. Instructions regarding personal safety are given at the beginning of every tour.  The guide will give you the best advice possible to make your tour as safe and enjoyable as possible both before and during the tour but you should always remain cautious when crossing roads and keeping your personal belongings safe at all times.  Dora’s Walks accepts no liability for personal safety or loss of goods or valuables during the time that you are on the tour.

Privacy Policy
Any kind of information shared with Dora’s Walks (full name, e-mail address, contact telephone number, birth dates, id numbers etc.) is protected and strictly private. The information provided is to be used only as necessary information in order to provide accurate service. All personal information is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed under any circumstances unless requested by the Greek authorities. It will not be shared with any outside parties or made public by no means, or used in any way besides the one originally intended.