Ancient monuments, the history, the music, the art, modern entertainment and friendly locals are all uninterrupted components of the city of Athens

Private Acropolis – City Highlights Tour

If we could describe the perfect day exploring the history of Athens, this would definitely be it. If your time is really limited in the city of Athens, the Acropolis and the highlights tour of Athens is the ideal option, since it gives you the chance to visit everything you cannot miss before you leave the city, only within 4 hours.Two hours filled with interesting and educative information about one of the most important archeological sites in the world, the Sacred Rock of Acropolis, is the essence of this tour. Our tour will begin with a visit to the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, best known for its exemplary acoustics, where the Athens festival, the annual arts festival takes place to this day. We will then explore the Temple of the Goddess of Victory, called Nike, enjoy the remarkably beautiful nesting sensation within the magnificent gate of Propylaea, discover where the first Temple of the Acropolis used to exist, meet in person the famous Karyatides, the women figured statues who stand both magisterially and affectionately in the portico of the Erechtheon Temple supporting its intricate ceiling throughout the centuries. And finally we will have the chance to discover all the secrets of the architecture and the decoration of the masterpiece of the classical antiquity, the breathtaking Parthenon! This is a tour that every citizen of the world should experience at least once in his lifetime

After we have explored the Sacred Rock of the Acropolis we will continue downhill together visiting the intricate gate of Hadrian, the Temple of mighty Zeus, the Old Olympic Stadium (the original stadium where Olympic Games where held), the Presidential Palace, the beautiful National Gardens and finally finish our tour at the constitution square where we will watch the impressive changing of the guards, which you will most definitely want to capture with a photograph. If getting a representative taste of everything Athens has to offer when it comes to Culture and History is what you are looking for, then this tour will fit you like a glove

  • 4 hrs
  • Professional archaeologist licensed tour guide
  • Private tour
  • Archaeological Site of the Acropolis
  • Temple of Zeus
  • Panathinaikon stadium
  • Votanical gardens
  • Syntagma Square
  • Changing of the guards
Duration 4 hrs

Userful Tips

  • Do not forget to bring your camera
  • Make sure you wear comfortable shoes
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Carry a bottle of water with you
  • Bring your hat/UV umbrella especially during the summer months
  • Choose light weight clothing with breathable fabrics

And always keep in mind the following

  • Food and beverages are not allowed at any archeological site or the museum
  • Smoking is also prohibited in the aforementioned areas
  • All the sites can be entered only once upon validating your tickets
  • Bottles of water are sold in vending machines on the right, next to the entrance of the archeological site, but on days of high visitation there might be a shortage of supply, therefore we suggest buying a bottle beforehand

Entrance Fees

You can purchase your tickets online using the links below.

Please note that they are not refundable in case you do not use them.

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My tours are designed to be enjoyed equally by each and every one of you. If you have a certain mobility issue or are traveling with a member who has specific needs we can adapt the tours upon your request in order to meet the needs of disabled individuals or people with advanced accessibility needs and schedule a vehicle that can transport you from your accommodation to the archeological site and back. Let me know in advance for any issue that you might have through a simple email and allow me to offer you the stress free vacation that everyone deserves.

Skip the lines

Please note that there are no "Skip the line" tickets in Greece.

There is only one type of ticket (that might vary only at the price depending on the age or other locations you are able to visit with the same ticket). Everybody go into the sights from the same entrances. There are no separate or side entrances that only people with licensed tour guides or with "different type" of tickets may enter.

What is sold as "Skip the lines" tickets, is that you do not wait at the kiosk to get the tickets.

Make sure to book the right times and purchase them ASAP in order to reserve the visiting times.

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